Crowler Pit

Come check out our Big Fatty’s Crowler Pit!         FattyCrowlerDonewithchest 

 Providing you some of Vermont’s most hard to find beers!

 Come see what’s ‘tapping’!


Wednesday – Saturday: 12-8pm
Sunday: Please Ask Big Fatty’s Staff to Open The Crowler Pit

Let’s talk about the Crowler… Yes it is a 32 ounce can filled with your choice of 10 craft brews.  BUT why should you get one?  Let me tell you why..

~ Feel like hiking or biking up a mountain trail to see the view and while your at the top, drink a nice cold beer…can’t bring glass BUT you can bring a Crowler!
~ Going on Vacation, want to bring some local Vermont beers, they’ll stay fresher longer in a Crowler.

Alright, so we’ve talked about the Crowlers, but that’s not all we have to offer!

  • Love Beer but hate or can’t have Gluten? We’ve got you covered… We have G.F. Beer!
  • Have some out of town guests coming over, want to impress them with your beer selection, come on in… along with local brews we have other amazing craft beers too!
  • We’ve got a cooler full of some great beers already chilled for you.
  • Just can’t get enough of our Big Fatty’s apparel, we’ve expanded our swag shop.

**Enjoy your freshly canned beer at home, by the fire or by the pool… However, you can NOT enjoy it over in the restaurant.**